Who We Are

We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by great friends and talented brewers willing to donate their barley manipulating skills. From first timers to brewmasters, our brewer list for 2022 is, well, brewing.


Want to join this list? Send us your info to become a brewer!


  • Founding Brewer

  • Andy Robbins
  • Angela Fischer
  • Avery Klein
  • Brandon Garrett
  • Brandon Stange
  • Byron Anway
  • Dave Adams
  • Jay McConnell
  • Jeremy Fischer
  • Jeremy Goehring
  • Jim Novotny
  • John Fischer
  • Justin Cermak
  • Kim Theesen
  • Lacy Phillippe
  • Mark Beatty
  • Nick Langtry
  • Scott Christensen
  • Tim Fischer
  • Trent Konecky
  • Zach Fenton