Our 2019 list has brewed up nicely. Thanks, again to our talented, dedicated home brewers. Yummmmm...

2018 Brewers

2018 Brewers

  • Star's Strawberry Blonde Aleby Gordon Coke
    in memory of Star Black

  • Light as Can Be Lagerby Gordon Coke
    in memory of Sean Francis

  • 5 O'Clock Coffee Porterby Gordon Coke
    in memory of Kathy Francis

  • Touch of Green APA (Green Flash Homebrew Competition Winner)by LNK Brewing Collective

  • Sour Ginger Peach Aleby Sarah Robbins

  • Orange Creamsicle Aleby Andy Robbins

  • Cherry Pie Berliner Weisseby Jay McConnell
    in honor of Cheryl McConnell

  • Old Bastid’s Cancer-free Czech Pilsnerby Jeremy Fischer & Brandon Stange
    in honor of David Fischer

  • Spruce Gooseby Justin Cermak & Byron Anway

  • Smoky Sour Scotch Aleby Justin Cermak

  • Space Force! Hazy IPAby Russ Guill
    in memory of Betty Jensen

  • Blame Skippy w/ Stipper Glitterby Trent Konecky
    in honor of Shari Christian, Alice Volkmer, Mary Zech

  • Chocolate Milk Stoutby Brandon Garrett
    in honor of Tiffany Pinkston Dick

  • Porterby Jim Novotny
    in honor of Betty Novotny

  • American Amber Aleby James Garner II

  • Aronia Berry Cream Aleby John Fischer
    in honor of Liz Bainbridge

  • Strawberry Mosaic Pale Aleby Nick Langtry

  • Shorty Session IPAby Avery Klein
    in memory of Joanne Thomas

  • Something Hoppyby Zach Fenton

  • Blueberry Session Meadby Lacy Phillippe

  • NEIPAby Nick Langtry

  • Mosaic Wheatby Russ Guill

  • Raspberry Citra Aleby Scott Christensen

  • A Delicious Aleby Tim Fischer

  • Belgian Witby Jeremy Goehring & Dustin Deisher
    in honor of Jackie Olsommer and John Olsommer

  • Summer Shandyby Hayden Dyck

  • Cucumber Lime Goseby Jay McConnell
    in honor of Jen Buresh

  • DDH IPAby Jay McConnell